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posted at 10. Feb '22

Howto disable UNCHECKED contents in mail FROM [] root@myrtana.sk

Outgoing emails like popcon or maybe other will trigger this email.

To disable it, put:

$admin_maps_by_ccat{CC_UNCHECKED.',1'} = undef;

into /etc/amavis/conf.d/50-user.

The email looks like this:

Subject: UNCHECKED contents in mail FROM [] root@myrtana.sk

No viruses were found.

Content type: UncheckedEncrypted
Internal reference code for the message is 1883623-08/y1DXqT122o9U

First upstream SMTP client IP address: []

Return-Path: <root@myrtana.sk>
From: root <root@myrtana.sk>
Message-ID: <20220208210730.129422005F3D@myrtana.sk>
Subject: popularity-contest submission
Not quarantined.

The message WILL BE relayed to:

Personally I think it should still detect PGP email and just ignore password protected zips. But well…I find it painful to whitelist popcon sender. Amavis is kind of hard to configure in some ways.

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