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posted at 15. Apr '19
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Drupal Shell Notes (drush)

Once upon a time I worked with Drupal Shell, drush, and Acquia Desktop. Here is a collection of useful commands.

  • drush uli --uri='http://frakkingsite.dev.dd:8083/' - universal login for local copy, you won’t need admin password
  • also ./drush @frakkingsite.dev uli - universal login for deployed copy, you won’t need admin password
  • ./drush @frakkingsite.dev cache-clear all - removes all caches. Drupal 7 has retarded caching system and totally wastes your precious time. Usually takes 1 hour to refresh even on dev site
  • drush sa - show a list of available environments (@frakkingsite.dev, @frakkingsite.prod, @frakkingsite.ra, @frakkingsite.test, @frakkingsite.dev.livedev, …, @none)
  • ./drush @frakkingsite.dev status
  • ./drush pm-list - show a list of available extensions (modules and themes)
  • ./drush ac-site-list - list sites on Acquia Cloud

Personally, I very much dislike this bloody piece of technology. Perhaps it’s better now, after 2 years. You might noticed I used two drush shells. Well…I had to.

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