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posted at 28. Jan '18
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Windows 10 Installation Experience


  1. Install Windows 10, delete all partitions with previous Windows 10 installation, because Windows don’t want to install for some reason. But it won’t tell you
  2. Turn off analytics, metrics, pings, location service, data performance, monitoring and automatic feedback
  3. Turn off sending samples of your voice to Microsoft too
  4. Click “Next” and do the same
  5. Install Black Desert Online and go to sleep until it downloads all 60 GB of data
  6. Find out your powerful desktop computer went to sleep after 30 minutes
  7. Rage
  8. Set computer to go to sleep after 5 hours and restart to install first big system update
  9. Review your privacy settings and turn off one new option
  10. Resume downloading Black Desert Online
  11. Download another big update
  12. After Windows installs second (or was it third?) big update and restarts computer after 30 minutes automatically. Unless you select otherwise (sorry, BDO)
  13. Restart and rejoice, because you have a SSD drive, so it takes only 15 minutes to install the update
  14. Black Desert Online needs to download only 37 GB now
  15. You’re bored, so open twitch.tv and watch something
  16. See “Renderer not available”
  17. Google a bit, find out that your EU version is without codecs and media features. Curse Microsoft, because they SHOULD REMOVE FUCKING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER AND NOT CODECS, MTP, HALF OF BLUETOOTH FUNCTIONALITY AND OTHER STUFF. Install media features pack and restart
  18. Feel happy about SSD once again, because every time you start Black Desert Online launcher, it checks downloaded data
  19. Turn off One Drive
  20. Fire up Twitch again. See “Render not available” again
  21. Fuck this shit. Google again and find a link on Reddit which points to October 2017 Media Feature Pack and not June 2017 Media Feature Pack. Install and restart
  22. Profit?
  23. Find out that even though you formatted disk to GPT and UEFI before, it installed itself in BIOS compatible way, took 3 of 4 available partition (because MS-DOS MBR) and totally fucked you over, because you want to install Linux here. It will be possible, but painful. You don’t want to wipe Windows again. 60 GB of BDO is pain to download (EDIT: disk needs to have GPT instead of MBR and must boot from UEFI item in boot menu. Also turn off CSM in UEFI.)
  24. Curse and feel inferior, because you were able to install it in UEFI mode before, but could not find a way to do it this time
  25. Go work out and listen to music
  26. Try to forget and play games

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