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posted at 18. Jan '16

Why I’m the faceless mass on the Internet

I belong to 95% (I guess) of people who are the faceless mass. When I don’t like something, I leave. I don’t write an email. I don’t complain. Something doesn’t work? I just move somewhere else. Why? I don’t care about the site. They are generic. Expendable. And too boring. They are not my home. This site is my home. Some other sites and eshops are my home. At least a little.

True, past few years I haven’t written comments or articles, I just watch. I’m too tired and battleworn. I don’t care.

Yeah, I know, it’s a problem with me. Too much information and I’m fucking wasting my time reading stuff I don’t need and which isn’t fun (anymore). My life is a mess.

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