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posted at 29. Jun '20

Where To Get Gaming Chairs (EU/CZ)

I’m buying my perfect chair for like 6 years already. I’m quite tall (190cm) and when I went to try various chairs on site, only a couple of them fit, but I still wasn’t convinced. All kinds of chairs, including gaming ones like AKRacing and DXRacer. It was a couple of years ago.

But since then I watched a couple of Dota2, LoL and Starcraft 2 tournaments and after some reseach I was convinced by two brands. My requirements were:

  • ship from EU, so my package won’t get lost, stuck in post office depot and no additional taxes to pay
  • high quality - I like sturdy things which live for years
  • calculator for height and weight
  • large sized chairs available

Here they are:

Secretlab also offers textile material instead of polyurethan leather which I definitely prefer, but Maxnomic chairs look badass too.

Also there are other gaming chairs brands I heard of, seen in streams or podcasts, so they are pretty legit. Some are cheaper, some are available locally in furniture shops, some withour clear calculator for chair that would fit me:

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