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written by Ivan Alenko
published under license CC4-BY
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posted at 25. Jul '17


Are we good or are we good?
We love fashion
We think a lot, we plan, we do
We go to uncharted territories
We are beautiful
We love nudity
We enjoy the view
We love to watch lights in the darkness
We love music
We are manly a virile
We are women and we love ourselves for that
We are playful
We train our bodies to be healthy
We have muscles
We look good
We love to be inspired by stars
We love to go to remote locations to see stars
We love fun
We love solitude
We love watching sky and clouds
We are sexy
We protect animals and respect them
We protect the nature
We are not always happy
We love beautiful places
We love sharing
We love people
We love forests
We feel cool and peaceful inside
We love to enjoy the world around us
We are adventurous and cautious
We love computers
We love beauty
We are sort-of dicks
We look for new heights
We love to read
We have a darkness in us
We love our physical lives
We love technology
We love the sun

These are values of myrtana.sk and mine. I wrote them.

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