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posted at 28. Jan '18

Ubuntu Studio Installation Experience

Essentially this is how to install Ubuntu and it’s flavours like Ubuntu Studio, Kubuntu, …

There’s a bit sarcasm here, because there were issues that are easy for me (but I rage anyways), but not less skilled user.

  1. Start installer
  2. Wait 10 minutes at 4th step in the installer, because you want to use proprietary drivers
  3. Start terminal (live env ftw.) and run top to ensure it didn’t freeze, because you only see wait cursor
  4. Select custom partitioning. Find out you cannot create encrypted swap with a key randomly generated when swap partition is mounted
  5. Fine, no swap partition then, need to fix it manually later
  6. Boot
  7. Install nvidia-current package to install nvidia binary driver
  8. Find out that “current” is version 308 while the latest version is 384 (like half a year newer) while looking at dmesg and /var/log/X.org.log and seeing something about unsupported graphics card (GTX 1060). Restart
  9. Install something nvidia-384 package
  10. Find out that plymouth (graphical interface for booting process) doesn’t work with nVidia binary driver and computer freezes shortly after kernel loads up
  11. Find out there’s no brasero on live CD and you cannot burn Debian stable
  12. Find out your Windows installation is no longer in Grub menu and you cannot burn Debian stable
  13. Mess around for a bit and get comfortable with no Debian stable in the foreseeable future
  14. Search on the internet
  15. Okay, remove “splash” option in Grub entry and press F10
  16. Remove everything called plymouth: apt-get purge plymouth*. Hahaha. It will install gdm instead of lightdm. Well…fine
  17. Find out it didn’t help and now you see black screen shortly after boot
  18. Rage for a bit. Maybe curse a little
  19. Use that answer from StackOverflow (or was it a different site?) and edit Grub config in /etc/default/grub (as root) and remove “splash” option. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet" instead of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"
  20. Meanwhile find out when you press “i” or “a” in xterm, it won’t switch to insert mode in vi, but starts to print weird stuff. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???
  21. Don’t show off and use nano!
  22. Run update-grub
  23. Yay, Windows is back and Ubuntu Studio also works again
  24. Profit
  25. You don’t really need swap for now, procrastinate

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