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written by Ivan Alenko
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posted at 08. Jul '17

Twitter’s Insane Noise

I respect Twitter and this article is born out of frustration just because a lot of people are fanatical about it. This text is a counterweight to it.

Ever since I used Twitter for a month actively I’ve really wondered how people can use it in the long term. How they can avoid useless information overload? I’ve read about Twitter junkies years ago, but wtf is this?

My goals are clear - get new information as quickly as possible. Twitter seemed such a good idea. For a time. Then I got bored. And left. I follow only 10 or so people, but the noise was unbearable. David Heinemerier Hanson tweets/retweets like 30x per day and so The Practical Dev. What the hell?

Years ago Twitter was fun to read. I didn’t use it actively, but occasionally got there from a link. But that may be my selective memory. Now I cannot force myself to open it. Hell, I don’t really remember my password to my account at all. I will gladly miss this endless cocktail party.

And most of all I won’t follow any product on Twitter, nor a well known person. I’m tired of frenetic public relations trying to build hype. Not my kind of hype! I don’t really care. My work is exhausting and I don’t really have any energy to give. I guess I’m not as excited as before. Or I don’t want to swallow information. Or I’ve seen it all.

There should be an image of a grumpy cat to lighten the mood

However Twitter is great for discussions or to find out if AWS is down. But I don’t have anything to add to conversations. I live in shadows. Or in dark corners of Internet like my site. I’m not a wunderkid who adds tons of smart comments.

I’m a tech person and like to do stuff and think about it. My comments would be why? how? and ok. For these questions there are better sites to answer. I don’t need an answer from creator himself and somebody else most likely asked the same question before.

Many people retweets endless streams of links about current events like elections. Any person on Internet can write an article, their position. And it’s fine.

But I still strive to handle the fact that current Internet is too big to handle. I must pick my bubble of reality. And this article is all about it. Pick my reality. I don’t really have energy and time to care about many realities of many people across the globe.

If anybody wants to tweet about noise, feel free. I respect that an I understand it is interesting for that person. But I won’t be among the followers.

Usually I like to raid for new information every couple of months and many information just gets to me. That’s a sustainable way to handle too many information for me.

So….who’s next… Snapchat?

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