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posted at 17. Mar '19

Thoughts About Usability of EA and uPlay Websites

Today I’ve browsed so many pages in an attempt to see what accounts I have and two sites really stood out among them.

EA.com and uPlay.com. The usability of these sites is questionable at best.

When Typekit is blocked by Ghostery, the text won’t show up on EA site. Only images can be seen. Everything is big and I cannot see games I own. But they show my email besides “Sign Up” button for a newsletter. Priorities, anybody? Design OK.

Uplay has really weird design. In the footer there is 600px of empty space (and I enabled everything essential in Ghostery and turned off uBlock Origin). And welcome message is “The Ubisoft Uplay desktop app isn’t available for Mac users :( Check out all the things you’re missing out:”. Well, I don’t currently have my gaming PC at hand. Of course I cannot list games I own trough web interface.

And language selector covers the popup of my account details. And I can see that I played For Honor 3 weeks ago here, but there is no dedicated page.

After all these years (since 2015) and both still feel so crude. I sort of understand it now since I know how it works in big corporations. Visual integration is not complete too.

So a bit imprecise ladder of best game client (client + website):

  1. Steam
  2. Battle.net
  3. GOG
  4. Epic Launcher
  5. PlayStation Store
  6. Discord
  7. Humble Bundle (no client here) …???
  8. Origin + uPlay

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