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Somnus Nemoris Latin+English Lyrics

Lyrics for a song Somnus Nemoris from a trailer for cancelled video game Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


Deus dormit
Et liberi ignem faciunt
Numquam extinguunt
Ne expergisci possit

Omnia dividit
Tragoedia coram
Amandum quae

Et nocte perpetua
In desperatione
Auroram videre potest
Mane tempus expergiscendi.


God sleeps
And his children start a fire
Which they cannot extinguish
And he will never be able to awake.

Every tragedy divides,
before our very eyes,
the things which should be loved.

And in this endless night,
In despair,
He can see the dawn
That will awake him in the next morning

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