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posted at 04. Sep '21

Slovak COVID-19 Test Registration Form Forces to Give Up Rights To Taken Sample

In order to get tested for Corona - Ag or PCR test, you need to fill in registration form and will get unique string, place and date. But they require to check all three of checkboxes:

  • agree to the processing of private data for people who wants to get tested for COVID-19
  • confirm that I read some kind of manual, I understand and agree with a process
  • agreement that a sample can be used for further examination including additional research and development regarding COVID-19.

The third one wasn’t there 6 weeks ago and it’s very unclear what it actually does. Maybe I just worry too much, but since the behavior of these big pharmas is definitely not ethical, I have questions like - How long the sample can be in their hands? Can they use my DNA? What exactly do they store and where?

No test, no fun.

Well, I’m not that happy about this.

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