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posted at 29. Apr '23

Slack = pain, Slack + KDE = more pain

I use Slack, like milions of other people, for work. There is no escape. And of course I have a beef with it:

  • the most beefest one - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=429408 - Slack app cannot open Slack URLs (opened in Slack app from a browser after login), because they were downcased by KDE. But a hostname can have by spec different font case and still points to the same host. But Slack app requires precise casing otherwise it will SILENTLY just do nothing and not really mention anything useful in the logs. Took me like one year of frustration to find out. Still not fixed…
  • even after almost two years, huddles still do not work in Firefox and Slack Android App - which is fucking not practical at all
  • video in huddles does not work in Chromium - it requires hw decoding and encoding in browser and Google just disabled it and it’s not coming back. There are workarounds. Also there are so many bugs with graphic drivers and Chromium - fucking hell. Even after many attempts it never worked, even if I got (according to about:gpu) hw encode/decode working. Issues with Intel driver? VA-API? Maybe Wayland? Who knows..
  • Linux application still in beta and the development is slow
  • not that important: login flow goes through a browser - but why?
  • old wounds: they disabled XMPP transport…at least for messages would be useful

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