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written by Ivan Alenko
published under license CC4-BY
posted at 22. Feb '19


It has been a couple of days since I, utterly frustrated, stopped to watch technology news. I left classic combination of techcrunch.com, news.ycombinator.com and gsmarena.com.

I realized, reading tech news is not really being cutting edge. First - I already know a lot of stuff. Second - the first two sites are sort of propaganda. I noticed there is a lot of bullshit to read through. And about smartphones….I don’t really care anymore. Notches, jack port, Qualcomm being asshole, Intel saying that they won’t create 5G modem and then after one year announce they are working on 5G modem…..endless stream of bullshit too.

I’m just tired of this stuff. Good for getting various opinions at first and to see how things works, but after some time…it’s the same. All the same. Nothing new. No innovation. Lots of bullshit and hidden agenda.

What next? I also stopped listening to fast music like jrock and electronic music. Only ambient now. I need to go to a dry dock and heal myself. And be myself.

I think I can live life more fully by avoiding fast paced stuff like news and many situations in life and generally be more aware of life. Feel inner peace instead of endless chaos and suffering. Even being global isn’t really worth it.

Am I afraid of missing out? I used to a lot. Like no way I don’t read tech news. But now? Don’t care. I’ll get news guerilla way. Surfing the web like a pro.

Yes, I risk I’ll miss a major innovation. Or one day tanks will come to my country and I won’t know why. Or new copyright or cookie notice will be accepted and I’ll find out after four years.

Yes, these things can happen. But I can live with such risk.

Otherwise my life will suck until the end of time.

It’s sort of rude awakening to me in life. But on the other side I was aware of this for a long time. For years. Sometimes I wished I did it three years ago. Was I prepared back then? I don’t know. But I am now.

I could also name this post ignorance is bliss. We choose our lives, our reality. It’s easy to talk about it, but to do it, that’s a very different thing to actually do it.

And scary. In some way I’m doing less in my life. What does it mean to my personal worth? Does staying on top of tech progression correlate with my personal worth?

Am I stupid if something happens and I didn’t have the information even if it was public?

No, no and no.

That’s life and in the end it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it’s stupid to get information, sometimes it’s stupid not to get information.

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