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posted at 18. Jan '16

Reliability, web, programs [frustration]

I fucking hate unreliable software. I sort of hate JavaScript, because it is designed (or implemented?) unreliably.

For example onmouseout not triggering reliably or cryptography.

Also JavaScript-heavy pages are laggy. I’m fucking very sensitive to lags and I hate them. I’m irritated by the lagginess of most of the web sites. I accept them, because I need web sites for information.

But web applications? Or applications with embedded WebKit? Are you fucking kidding me? It supports subpixel rendering? So what? I love my terminal or light Linux desktop and when I move my mouse, the cursor moves immidiately. No lag, no stress.

Yeah, I hate you Android too. I hate working with Android. It’s laggy. Sometimes an action takes seconds. I’ve seen “loading launcher” more times than I can count.

My whole fucking life I wait for programs to finish something. I laughed at the speed of Windows 98 on Pentium 120MHz and 16MB of RAM. And I thought things will be different in a few years. Now I have quad core and 1GB of RAM in my smartphone and it is not enough!

I don’t need fancy graphics. Ok, I need it. But design guidelines of iOS, Android or Windows Phone are horrible. So I don’t care. Yes, the speed of the development is much faster and it is fairly easy to render complex stuff. But not so easy i would expect.

I mean the lag introduced by poorly fastly created software is not worth it. Yeah, yeah, I should go back to my mainframe and play Dwarf Fortress until my death.

By the way I don’t hate web applications inherently, but because they are currently presented as “the one true future”. Fuck that. I don’t want such future.

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