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posted at 26. Aug '21

Rapthalia Desktop Computer

My current desktop computer.

I bought most of the components when Ryzen 2xxx was introduced, June 2018 I believe. Except graphics card, I already had GTX 1060 4G, but wanted to play Cyberpunk 2077 in April 2020 and Final Fantasy XV so I bought 2070 Super in February even when in summer RTX 3000 should be available. In retrospect…they weren’t even available and now they still aren’t for a good price. Also bought 2 more sticks of RAM, in 05/2018 the price of RAMs were damn high, but in 2019 I bought the same sticks for half price. Why not have 64G RAM when you can have.

{{image:B170133;;text:Side view of rapthalia}}

List of components:

What I noticed:

  • the BIOS was horrible right after the Ryzen release and the computer couldn’t start properly half of times. Now it’s ok
  • E-ATX case is awesome even if it’s large
  • brushed aluminium looks the same even after couple of years
  • to pay for quality components was worth of money
  • software like Firefox can be still slow even with 64G of RAM and 8 cores
  • it’s possible to build a good computer from cheap components, my father still runs one I build in Ivy Bridge era. Just don’t skimp on PSU and buy one for 50 EUR or more (and check recommendations)
  • everything including motherboards and CPUs are more expensive these days
  • Razer products are expensive, but top notch, Min-Liang Tan knows his stuff
  • SSDs are must have, 3.5” HDDs are too noisy and 2.5” HDDs too. It’s possible to spin them down when not active, but Steam and some other software just spins them up regularly. Better to disconnect.
  • use Ethernet to connect to the network, Wifi is painful. BT card is good for Dualshock 4
  • AIO as CPU cooler is good for TDP 95W+
  • even with high end computer you can hit performance wall very fast
  • nice to have features which are used only sometimes

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