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posted at 01. Sep '21
last updated at 03. Oct '21

PayPal Forces To Create An Account

I don’t like PayPal, because their behaviour is very opaque and abuse their large market share - freezing funds without explanation, return them back after 6 months. But many times, to pay or donate, you must pay through PayPal.

Recently I wanted to make some donations through Liberapay and I also bought some stuff and I could pay unregistered only once. All other times (Liberapay or PayPal button) I would have needed to create an account. Have I created account? Hell no, I took this personally and overall this is about sending a message. Also I don’t want to have anything to do with them, all their ever changing terms of service, inactivity fees and similar questionable practises.

I spent like two hours clicking around, searching for help, but the only answer was seller has to allow guest checkout and blah blah. Something really stinks about these answers. Slovak and Czech region required account, switch to USA - no account form, Germany - account is optional.

Fuck this shit.

EDIT: I noticed it happens only in 90% of cases or so. Is this some kind of sick A/B testing?

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