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posted at 17. Oct '21

Nextcloud is Buggy

I have this setup:

  • 1 Nextcloud server
  • 2 Firefoxes with bookmark sync (floccus)
  • 1 Android client, file sync

Overall it works, files and bookmarks synchronize, but there are bugs or questionable user experience decisions:

  • when I take a photo with the smartphone and I’m offline, I see error messages from Nextcloud it can’t synchronize. Like I can’t tell
  • conflict resolution is broken - synchronize works well for new files, but if you update a file, it creates a conflict - but it shouldn’t of course, the file on the server hasn’t changed and client provides a new version. I have to manually click it should replace the old version with latest one. Once the conflict resolution was broken in Android client and I was fucked. And the second time I had to rename the file, otherwise it generated tens of conflict errors.
  • related to the point above - trying to autosynchronize Downloads directory and downloading something bigger creates tons of errors - every second or so it tries to upload a new, still partially downloaded file and replace the old, partially downloaded file…
  • boomark synchronization (through floccus) works almost always just fine, but once or twice it broke and messed up my bookmarks. Fortunately I have only 200 or so, it’s easy to clean up. Keep backups though and do not delete more than 50% bookmarks at once
  • you have to click like 5 times for each item to cancel sharing through a link

I kind of hope this stuff will be improved in future versions.

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