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posted at 16. Jun '24

Myrtana News June 2024

Last month I was able to finally roll out a new images. They look more less the same, but I moved from bare MiniMagick + GraphicsMagick to /public/images/, to ActiveStorage + picture tag + nifty homemade components in Rails. While I don’t like ActiveStorage much, I’ll use it if I can iron out issues I found like a wrong file extension in a variant. I store master images in a filesystem anyways, so in the worst case I can delete all images and recreate.

There are still rough edges with new images, some are missing, some are too large. I still don’t get how the source it picked by a browser. I set 150% zoom in the system, Chrome seems to use 1.5x for images, Firefox 2x. Perhaps I’ll have to optimize breakpoints too. Also I have only one worker, so it’s slower to load images. I’ll have to handle that too by adding a second worker or add Varnish. But hey, at least all images are not 480p/1080p and 480p with low quality and visible banding issues.

And finally I was able to use Ruby 3.3. With 3.3.0 and 3.3.1 I got DNS resolution errors in gem installation stage in a deploy process. Locally it worked just fine. Now, with 3.3.3, it works.

What’s next? The summer, I hope…

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