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posted at 05. May '21

Myrtana News 2021/05: The End of The Road

I was thinking really hard for last couple of weeks what to write. I feel this is the end of the road for current form of myrtana.

Screenshot of destroyed Regalia from Final Fantasy XV, license - copyrighted

The content needs a revision. I won’t change my past rages, but technical articles need better classification and structure and fact checking. But there is another thing - overall, something is missing. Fun. I lost it along the way somewhere….I’d say that’s the main reason why there were so few articles for last 2 years. What happened? I don’t know. It just did and I didn’t really object.

But now I feel very deep desire to play again in life.

Screenshot of female Noctis and others from Final Fantasy XV, license - copyrighted

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