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posted at 19. Oct '20

myrtana.sk news October, 2020: Technical Improvements

This month I didn’t have much time to write content, I rested and worked on a technical aspect of myrtana. I added syntax highlighting for a source code, which increased render time of an article a little bit. But enough to take all content 1.5 to 2 seconds to render which was too much as CMS didn’t use relational database, but loaded articles from a filesystem and landing page parsed and rendered all content and selected only couple of articles. It worked just fine for a couple of years, but time has come to move to the next phase.

Then I created a project which checks the configuration of myrtana and other subdomains. As a lazy person, I don’t want to check the site configurations by hand and after every configuration change. I generated wildcard certificate in Let’s Encrypt to prepare for subdomains.

Yeah, and I slept a lot. So what’s next? I plan to drop some content next month and show categories. Also I’d like to go through the articles and rethink the categories.

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