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posted at 14. Jul '20

myrtana.sk news July, 2020: A new Era Begins

Just a few days ago I wanted to write an exciting and optimistic article about new beginnings. Today it is similar, but in a very different flavor.

I take a break until 2022 from keeping up with people, events and tech. Unless Chinese, American army or space marines knock on my door, I won’t care. To hell with current community and news. I need something very different. Play video games, develop software, exercise, live. But fuck social aspect. Living on the internet edge was fun some time ago. Google Search, RSS, BOINC, Miranda, Jabber, MMORPGs, social networks and other stuff. But now TikTok and Discord? Meh. Social justice and cancel culture? Don’t care. Gaming culture? Hmm, no, thanks. Money, superstars and advertisement from real world brands? Don’t get me wrong, I love RGB mechanical keyboards. When I bought mechanical keyboard in 2011, there were like 3 models distributed here - Razer Blackwidow and Steelseries and they weren’t even RGB. Now the selection is so wide. On the other hand I hoped things would look different now with big money coming into the “gaming industry” and esports. Stories, drama, the same shit all over again. I love you Rekkles, but I’m not interested in that anymore, nor being lifestyle gamer. I can’t even personally expand reading stuff on hacker news anymore.

I deserve peace and vacation. Like sitting in one place, be happy and don’t care. Create things. Evolve. Evolve my place.

While last couple of years were like I was a boat in an ocean in a storm, now the idea is more like fireplace or lighthouse where strangers can sit and rest. And that will also reflect to this site.

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