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posted at 26. Sep '18
last updated at 12. May '21

HOWTO Merge FUBARed (Conflicts) Branch

  1. create branch1 from master
  2. create branch2 from master
  3. create branch11 from branch1
  4. merge branch2 to master
  5. rebase + merge branch1 to master
  6. branch11 is now FUBARed
  7. merge master into branch11: on branch11: git merge master
  8. fix conflicts
  9. on branch11: git diff master > ~/branch11.diff
  10. on branch11: git reset --hard master
  11. on branch11: git apply ~/branch11.diff
  12. on branch11: git commit -am 'branch11 stuff'
  13. create PR and you will be able to merge it now

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