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posted at 17. Sep '22

List of Source Code Hosting

Git as a version control.


  • github.com - everybody is here, fully proprietary, owned by Microsoft, kind of losing friendly traction, inertia
  • gitlab.com - used to be open a lot, I dislike the user interface, sometimes questionable decisions and more and more corporate
  • sourceforge.net - famous in 2000s, later bad reputation for injecting malware to installers, current owner seems to be sane
  • repo.or.cz - free and fast, simple, no social coding (no pull requests)
  • codeberg.org - new kid around the block, based on Gitea, nonprofit
  • sourcehut.org - works with no JavaScript, AGPL, is paid

I use mostly GitHub for Ruby projects and portfolio, repo.or.cz for some other projects. Want to try codeberg and sourcehut.

There are other hostings like Bitbucket, Ubuntu Launchpad, GNU Savannah, Debian Alioth, but they are for specific use or not that interesting.


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