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posted at 11. Aug '21

Jest-pupeteer Remote Debugging

Configuration suited for Alpine Linux running in Docker. When scripts run, open Chromium or Chrome locally and type http://localhost:9222. Set up Docker to map port 9222 to localhost. And then run Pupeteer tests in Jest. You’ll be able to see the content of the browser.

```javascript var os = require(“os”);

module.exports = { launch: { dumpio: false, headless: true, args: os.userInfo().username === “root” ? [ “–disable-infobars”, “–no-sandbox”, “–disable-dev-shm-usage”, “–remote-debugging-port=9222”, “–remote-debugging-address=”, ] : [”–disable-infobars”], }, server: { command: “pnpm run dev – –port 3010”, port: 3010, launchTimeout: 10000, }, browserContext: “default”, }; ```

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