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posted at 07. Sep '21

I Still Prefer cp And mc To Copy Data

Not sure why, but once in a while I want to copy data through Dolphin and it doesn’t work. It used to be like that in KDE 3.10, KDE 4.0 beta and also now in KDE 5.22.5. KIO processes (KDE abstractions to transfer data) used to fail and die, but recently I wanted to copy my music collection to a smartphone via FTP and there were problems with encoding (probably) or very bad programming error, since it couldn’t handle ordinary - character in directory name. The error message wasn’t something specific, just generic “Could not create directory blah blah”. It’s painful to watch, automated tests could catch these kinds or errors, but also the value of the OS is zero. I’m really glad I can open Midnight Commander and copy it there and not be afraid.

Stability is a must have.

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