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posted at 06. Oct '18

I’m breaking up with you, technology

It’s time for another overdramatic article.

I trusted you, computer technology and electronics. Yet you still hurt my feelings every time you upload my sensitive data to a Chinese server. How can we be equals in our relationship when you do things like this? How can I fully love you and spend time with you?

Therefore I’m breaking up WITH YOU.

This moment had to come one day. And I’m afraid this is the day. I long wondered how anyone can be only so little evil to only put killswitches and bugs to overly enterprise hardware. Now I cry from happiness and I’m really proud what has been achieved over the last decade. Finally we as a humanity are starting to be more evil and are slowly gaining the skills to bug everything everywhere. YES.

What does it mean for me? It means I’m no longer in control and I’ll never be. Also I never really was. But I really thought I was. It’s hard to think my own computer can be uploading my stuff somewhere and some corporate computer uploading corporate stuff somewhere. In the end I have to buy the technology by country of origin. American/Japanese technology (made in China) can send data to USA (or China). Pure Chinese to China of course. Others are not significant.

The system is much more complicated with all these OEMS and ODMS and supply chain. But for the sake of sanity, I won’t go deeper, read the link.

I think I’ll shrug, wait this out and see how it goes, but won’t be overzealous with sharing data. Or buy a scanner/printer which sends images of my breast to unwanted parties. Like I have any other choice. It’s impossible to build a trustworthy electronics in one person. Or in 10 people. Or 100.

All these semiconductors and logic everywhere adds so much complexity. And so little control. Maybe it’s good thing. Maybe we shouldn’t control everything. But that doesn’t mean secret services should add malice logic to electronics.

I just hope those who wonnered are happy for whatever reasons they may have and enjoy their bugs and sensitive files.

</sarcasm and fun>

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