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posted at 05. Feb '19

I Don’t Want To Be a Software Developer

I don’t want to be a software developer
but I don’t have a choice
I don’t want to have a choice
I am who I am

I’m burning alive
I need to code
Fuck outer world
Just leave me alone

Ideas floating
How to get them out of my head
Vortex of thoughts
How to get them out of my world

I can’t find peace
Unless code flows
And I flow with the code
There is no resistance

I can’t think
I can’t live
I can’t find peace
Unless I code

Can’t stay awake
Burning alive
I can no longer resist
I feel fucking exhausted

There is no control
Only code and ideas
I want to sleep
I want to live in a forest

Code is ecstacy
Code is fantasy
Code is life
Code is love

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