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posted at 13. Oct '19

I don’t care about tech news anymore

For years I have had a dilemma. To read tech news or not to read?

I started to read technology news when I was 14 or 15. I didn’t know English that well so I read mostly Czech and Slovak tech sites which picked and translated news.

It’s been long 15 years….and for me news and the mood of technology world was much happier and positive back then. Even in 2014.

New technologies, fast pace, connecting and improving the world.

But now it’s all about money. And politics.

The current pinnacle of tech news (hackernews from Ycombinator) or Techcrunch present us this fake and cutthroat world of startups.

Yes, they need to spend shitload of time to persuade investors to get the money. But at the same time investors want their money back in a couple of years and some (10x) bonus. Why do I even care? It’s all the same all over again. A bit pathetic for my taste. I mean create startup for the exit in the future. Well, why not, but why should I even read about it? Effect on my life = zero.

Then endless stream of information about smart devices and iot. Or whatever is hyped.

And recently there are these problems with environment, women emancipation and of course China. For me….I already changed my worldviews about these problems. But these dramas goes for years and it seems everybody just writes articles and do nothing.

Yeah, I know there are changes, but they are so slow that I don’t see them. I’m aware of that. That’s why it’s better for me to not read news often.

In short - these news are so fake, depressive, negative and short of information and I don’t really want them to poison my mind.

I feel so confused though, because it’s so hard to lost trust in something I deeply care about.

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