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posted at 10. Jan '16
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History of periferia5 and myrtana.sk

myrtana.sk is not the first web page I’ve created. I’ve had many tech blogs and sites - at least 20 in total. As the time went, they gradually died. I found content management systems very hard to use and not fit for my dream web page.

I began with the pure HTML, then PHP. Later I’ve had a few Wordpress sites in span of several years. I’ve never liked Wordpress much, but I hoped it would become a dream CMS. It hasn’t, so here I am creating my own CMS, because I have a motivation for it.

periferia5 is not the first content management system I’ve created. The version from 2016 is not the first generation of periferia5. As far as I remember, I’ve always wanted to write CMSes.

When I began to program in PHP all I wanted is to write a CMS. I’ve written at least 30 of them - 6 in PHP and the rest in Rails, Sinatra, Padrino or Cuba. Most of them were experimental and all of them gradually died…I needed them to work differently or I didn’t have the skill to finish them.

They became too complex, unmanagable and too unpredictable. They reached the critical mass and the price to evolve them was too high.

Anyways, I’ve found screenshots of one of the first generations of periferia5

Predecessor of oni_sorceress, CMS named periferia5 from 2013-02-16 running on Ruby on Rails 3.2.8

At first it looked horrible


Admin interface

Good admin interfaces are really hard to create. I've never completely finished this one...too complex.

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