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posted at 12. Feb '18

GTA games suck!

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games suck! I count myself as a hardcore gamer.

I just hate to see everywhere GTA to be glorified and get 10/10 score in reviews. I don’t mind reviews, they are sort-of relative, but the glorification and the fact almost everybody seem to assume I find GTA to be a great game is ridiculous.

And that is ridiculous. Fuck GTA. Why should I play weird characters and kill weak people just to have fun? That’s very twisted.

Yes, I played them. GTA and GTA 2 for like 1 hour when I was 17 (was freeware back then). And GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas for like four hours when I was 12 or 13. And watched my friend playing it for like 10 hours.

But I always had a deep aversion to this game. The best part was when army went after me. Everything else was boring and without justification. I guess I have a very different ethic rules.

That said, I don’t really agree that this 18+ game should be played by smaller kids. But well, it stays the best selling game along with Call of Duty and smaller kids actually do play these games.

From my own experience, I think it is not good for development of a child to play this games before the age of 15 or 16, because they are not old enough to distinguish between reality and fiction and also they copy what they see…

And if they play as a twisted Serbian outcast who kill people with UZI, that’s bound to take its toll. Especially on those who live in poverty or countries where this is too real or could become too real very easily.

Anyways, I’m glad I can play loads of different games now like Dreamfall, Hellblade, Quantum Break, League of Legends or Fez.

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