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posted at 17. Apr '19

Fuck Android Volume Control

There are couple of things which iritates me in Android and two of them have to do with sound.

First one is when I get a message, Android turns down the volume of a video I’m watching or a song I’m listening to and plays a notification sound. What the fuck? It’s driving me nuts, but I can switch to “do not disturb mode”, so notifications are not played at all. Also sound quality of the transition is really pathetic, not pleasant for ears at all.

But the second one is fucking twisted. Not enough volume levels. Only 20 by default on Motorola Z2 Play. So my bluetooth speaker or headphones play either too loud or too silent. FUUUUUUUUCK! And despotic settings of Android won’t even allow to set volume levels. I read on the internet it’s hardcoded in info file and compiled into the system. Wtf?

The one positive thing is that it’s good on Sony Xperia XZ2 compact. There are many volume levels…maybe too many. But it’s good. Finally I don’t have to switch to laptop to play some music or watch a video.

I don’t really care about fragmentation of Android, but I do care about usability of the system.

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2022-10-24 22:11:14 UTC
Yeah, for whatever the fuck reason, android does not have quick volume control. You either use funding buttons od whoever made the device,or you dig into the fucking settings.