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posted at 18. Jan '20

Fuck Android 10 Contacts App

Not everybody is in the cloud. I like Mozilla Thunderbird. I have contacts there. It came to pass that time came (every 6 months - 3 years) when I want to clean up my address book, so I exported contacts from Android 10 Contacts and imported them into Mozilla Thunderbird, because it’s much easier and faster to edit contacts on laptop. Also I sort of wanted to pull out of Google Contacts so I didn’t want to edit contacts via web interface. But in the end wasn’t successful at degoogling myself.

As I imported the contacts into Thunderbird, I lost some nonstandard info like contact image and ringtone. Well, I’d like to have contact image imported, but Thunderbird is….Thunderbird. It has a support for contact images, but Android does it in it’s own way.

I’d expect Contact App to have support for VCFs exported from Thunderbird since it is here like forever and also I’d expect from Thunderbird to import contact image since there are like 3 bilion devices with Android.

In the end I exported VCF from Thunderbird and coulnd’t import it into Contacts App - import successful, but nothing showed up….I had to install a different app for contacts management and import it there. I had to import it into my Google account (not into telephone), because otherwise other apps (like original Contacts) couldn’t read them. Well, fuck me. So much for degoogling. At least it was imported successfully and avatars were fetched by Contacts app automatically.

But still, I’m sort of disgusted and I don’t trust it. Hell no. As usual, basic stuff doesn’t work and I’m put into a situation (having my contacts at Google) with my back against the wall. Fuck it.

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