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posted at 08. Apr '22
last updated at 15. Apr '22

Forced Login Into Social Networks

One thing I don’t like are forced login dialogs when I browse on the internet. Generally smaller sites allow anonymous browsing, Facebook has probably some kind of visibility control, but most likely something messed up. I’m not sure, because FB and Instagram randomly require login and other times don’t. Twitter is pretty consistent in this and always does.

Modal dialogs can be automatically disabled for Twitter and Instagram with uBlock Origin and Annoyances filter on. Recently it stopped working for Twitter and basically I avoided Twitter links like for a month.

I’m not sure what should I think about these attempted walled gardens and currently I’m more in favor ignoring the site altogether except when I need information. I don’t want to sign up and usually even if I’m registered on the site, many times I just browse anonymously, because I don’t need social functions. Also I regularly clear the browsing history, it’s kind of mental reset and a new beginning and avoiding being stuck in these modern addictive patterns and generally being detached as much as I can. Even with all this I feel addicted and absorbed into them.

Login to see more? No.

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