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posted at 05. Apr '22
last updated at 06. Apr '22

Fake Sites With Fake Comments

Recently I tried to find again a legit source for OST from La Femme Nikita TV series and I stumbled upon a fake page promising fast, easy, legitimate and anonymous download. Clearly a fake, but a comment section is really ridiculous.

They use fake questions and fake answers to persuade a visitor to pay for a subscription. Hard to say if they will just run away with your money or actually deliver something. But if I hadn’t known before, even I would get scammed.

  • don’t worry
  • all legal, anonymous and it really exists!
  • legitimate site, reputable site, no worries of running away with money
  • time pressure, fear of missing out - last day of getting free trial
  • easy and fast service
  • giveaways for subscribers - I just won iphone 12 last month and I’m a subscriber
  • the content you’re searching for is really there and for free (need to subscribe though)

Remember kids - there is no free lunch and if something is too good to be true, it’s fake. There are exceptions in life.

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