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posted at 23. Apr '24
last updated at 04. May '24

Destruction of Earth Links

I’m kind of tired to see all the talks about sustainability not only from EU and Germany, but whenever I see an interview with a Chinese government officials or media, they endlessly talk about green energy, sustainability and other popular topics. Yet, words and actions are vastly different and must be brought to awarness. I want future generations to live in a free and beautiful world.

“This region was rich in bread,” she says wistfully. “We would produce olive oil, cereals and cork. We didn’t need to buy things from abroad. We grew our own food and neighbours helped each other.”

… ”There is less water because it rains less. With deforestation the soils are impoverished and there is less water retention. But the consumption of water is increasing because intensive farming continues to grow,” says Coutinho, who lives right next to the Santa Clara dam and has seen some of his neighbours run out of water.

Yeah, these foreign investments - the price is paid by all people and future generations.

More links as I find them, because I deleted lots of stuff to keep my sanity.

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