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posted at 25. Jan '19

Desocializing Complete

Finally, desocializing complete. Digital one. With leaving Discord and with removing all friends on gog.com and Steam, I finally feel free. Free enough to feel happy.

I think I was spread too thin in digital space. And with nothing to do with all these people. All these connections which take energy and time. I used to remove people on ICQ all the time, because usually they were strangers I met while playing games, chatting or from internet forums.

But with Facebook and Steam I sort of stopped. I really thought my life will get stable once I’m not a teenager, but an adult. But it never did. And I find it a good thing.

I’m finally free of these places. Finally a freedom to be fresh myself again and explore myself.

They say you can never know too many people and connections are good. But it also requires to have something in common at least. Be a part of the same country, system, organization, game or to have a similar goal.

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