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posted at 08. Dec '20
last updated at 11. Aug '21

Bang&Olufsen H4 Disassembly

You are probabaly here, because you have an issue with right hinge. I started to have problems with it in warranty period, but well, didn’t care enough. But a couple of months after 2 year warranty the hinge got blocked entirely. So I decided to open these beatiful and quite expensive headphones. I didn’t have time, tools, knowlege and mood to fix it yet, but I was able to open it.

EDIT: I fixed it somehow with plastic fasteners, but they are very fragile now. Ok as headphones for a computer or general use in a room.

  • earcups are detachable, not sure why everybody say they’re not
  • earcup is hold together with plastic clip - I used shitload of force on the hinge to open it since the hinge was broken anyways

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