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Age of Conan Lyrics

Nighttime Journey through the Eiglophian Mountains (Language: Cimmerian)

Ik véla dûr friú Snëi
I run through the cold snow
véla dûr Snëi in friú Luni-bêrt.
run through the snow in the cold moonlight.

Ik féla Véktu mén Vêpns
I feel the weight of my weapon
èn Reiku in mèn Arm.
and the strength in my arm.

Reiki-rik èr ik, vëidi av Crom!
Mighty am I, blessed by Crom!
Ik bèn Cimmérièn èn dis èr mén Morgh.
I am a Cimmerian and these are my mountains.

(Lyrics and language by Knut Avenstroup Haugen)

Ere the World Crumbles (Language: Ancient Norse)

Athr veröld steypisk
Ere the world falls;
mun engi mathr öthrum thyrna.
nor ever shall men each other spare.

Knáttu vanir vígspá völlu sporna.
and the field by the warlike Wanes was trodden.
Skildir ro klofnir.
Shields are sundered.
fyllisk fjörvi feigra manna.
drains the life-force of doomed men.

(Lyrics based on Voluspå, Poetic Edda)

Hymn for King Conan (Language: Latin)

Te decet hymnus, Conan, in Tarantia,
A hymn becometh thee, Conan, in Tarantia
et tibi reddetur votum in Aquilonia.
and a vow shall be paid to thee in Aquilonia.

Mors stupebit et natura,
Death and nature shall be astonished,
cum resurget creatura.
when all creation rises
Conan responsura,
to answer to Conan,
Rex Gloriae!
Glorious King!

Tuba mirum spargens sonum
A trumpet, spreading a wondrous sound
coget omnes ante thronum.
will drive mankind before his throne.

Quantus tremor est futurus
What dread there will be
quando Conan est venturus.
when Conan shall come.

Ave Conan, rex gloriae!
Hail Conan, glorious king!
Ave, ave Conan Rex!
Hail, hail King Conan!
Ave Conan!
Hail Conan!

(Lyrics based on Requiem Mass)

Phalanx of Conquest (Language: Latin)

Veho, veho campitor!
Ride, ride warhorse!

Non me tenent vincula.
No fetters hold me.
Ego comparor fluviu labenti,
I am like a river
sub eodem tramite nunquam permanenti.
which never keeps to the same course.
Veho campitor!
Ride warhorse!

Veho campitor!
Ride warhorse!
Ibi nulus timet mortem!
There no-one fears death!

Honor, macto, decus, veho!
Conquer, honor, glory, ride!
Calco, leto, vici, veho!
Trample, tread, slay, ride!

(Lyrics based on Carmina Burana)

Quantus tremor est futurus.
What trembling there will be.
Solvet saeclum in favilla!
The world will dissolve in ashes!

(Lyrics from Requiem Mass)

Combat Aquilonia, Boss (Language: Latin)

Sors salutis et virtutis
You, Fate, who dispose health and strength
mihi nunc contraria!
are now against me!

Fortuna rota volvitur:
Fortune’s wheel turns:
Rex sedet in vertice -
The king sits at the peak -
caveat ruinam!
let him be aware of ruin!

(Lyrics based on Carmina Burana)

Salva me Mitra tremendae!
Save me tremendous Mitra!
Liberate me ex inferis!
Liberate me from hell!
Liberate me Mitra ex inferis!
Liberate me, Mitra, from hell!

(Lyrics by Knut Avenstroup Haugen)

Texts from Edda, Carmina Burana and Requiem Mass edited by Knut Avenstroup Haugen.

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