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A Mermaid’s Story

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Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele

(Based on eight hours of videotaped interviews and a hundred pages of emails with Ronda)

Toward the end of Atlantis, a number of powerful magicians became obsessed with extending their magical and scientific powers. These men possessed entire fields of research that we as yet know nothing about. They could for example link their minds directly together in a telepathic and mesmeric, trancelike manner.

Whereas we still rely on wires to transmit electricity and use satellites and cables to communicate, the Atlanteans could transfer energy without wires, could observe different parts of the earth without dependence on technology, and of course could communicate directly mind to mind. They also had mastered flight using antigravity engines.

But this was not enough. They wanted power over matter, to strengthen metals and alter molecular bonds, without using a factory, a metal shop, or a nuclear reactor. This same interest extended to biology. They redesigned DNA and created new, experimental species.

One of the great mages at that time named Asor noticed that there were essential states of awareness still missing from their consciousness. This observation by itself is not so unique. When the current Dalai Lama was a boy, he took an interest in electrical engineering. He was curious about how car engines and movie projectors worked. He saw that Tibetan culture, so masterful of the arts of meditation and introversion, was negligent in its understanding of technology. But his tutors and quickly returned him to the traditional curriculum designed for a Dalai Lama.

And you will recall that Sir Isaac Newton not only set forth the basic laws of modern physics. He also sought the alchemical philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life. Since analytical chemistry had not yet been invented, he used what was available to compensate for what was missing from the knowledge of his world.

In a similar manner, Asor noticed that the element of water as a spiritual, psychological, and scientific object of study had been neglected. In earlier ages of Atlantis, the knowledge of the spirits of water, the mermaids and undines, was far more common. Once women and mermaids blended their personalities together so that you could walk down the central street of the capitol city and meet women whose auras were similar to those of actual mermaids.

It came down to this. The Altantean scientists and magicians had developed their powers of concentration to such a degree that there was a residual tension in their brains that interfered with their ability to relax and even to feel. It felt like a band of metal squeezing the brain so that even sleeping was slightly more difficult. Many of those affected did not notice any symptoms. But Asor was quite sensitive. The energy of the human aura was an area in which he was an expert.

Once Asor made this observation, he reflected on the problem for a half hour. And then he imagined the remedy for this condition. Fairly easily he created a meditation that rejuvenated feelings, that is, it renewed the astral body. And this is how it went. He generated the feeling of letting go, of holding onto nothing, and of being free of all ambition. There was simultaneously the sense of total detachment and also being so sensually involved in the moment that he used these words to describe the experience—“It is like flowing water. And at the same time it is like feeling a part of all the waters of the earth.

Now as is typical of an individual fully certified in both magic and scientific methodology, when one of these disciplines offers no insight into a problem, you can turn to the other for practical solutions. Asor set before himself a quartz crystal ball. He put on his special robes for probing the mysteries—a robe of magenta and violet colors.

And as he gazed upon the crystal ball, he entered into a state of concentration that no scientist on earth at this time can duplicate with his mind. Nor does any scientist of our world possess brain waves so mesmeric and focused to accomplish what the mage did with ease.

Using the power of the crystal ball to enhance perception and intuition, he searched the inner planes of the earth for the precise being that would reveal what was missing from the culture and society of his world. He was surprised that he could not immediately find what he was looking for. In fact, he did not see anything of significance. Nothing informative. Nothing even a hint or a suggestion.

He took a break for day but, being tenacious man, came back to the crystal ball the next night. He had figured out that his mind was so used to intense mental vibrations created by telepathy that he had been scanning the wrong inner planes. What he wanted was on the astral plane, the living presence of a nature spirit of water and not the idea or contemplative realization of a mind seeking knowledge. He said to himself, “It is not a formula I am after. I want a friend and a lover.”

And so he put aside his mind and let his heart do the searching. He carefully shifted his focus from the mental to the astral plane. He sent his consciousness into the ocean. And he just waited in search of not an idea but a feeling.

This action was not without humor for him, because it was so unlike him. Imagine someone who is very serious dressing up and playing the part of a clown in a circus. But if that is what was required to attain his objective, he would do whatever it takes. So he put aside his adult state of mind and became childlike and free of any work ethic or scientific inclination.

It took about two and a half hours of meditating. He pursued images such as floating on his back on the open ocean on a calm day and then a still night. He imagined sinking down beneath the waves and drifting with the current. He tried forgetting that he had a body and simply extended his awareness out for miles in all directions into the sea.

And then he focused on the magnetic field that encompasses the oceans of the earth. He felt this magnetism flow through his body. Then he felt the pull of the moon on the ocean and the rotation of the planet until all that existed in his consciousness was the sea circling the earth.

And then she appeared before him sitting on a brown rock or something brown in the center of the sea beneath a full moon. She was five feet away, perfectly clear in the form of a mermaid. And she was singing one note of a song of ecstasy.

There was a very great temptation in this moment for both the scientist and the mage in himself to ask, Why? Why? Why? would any creature be doing what she was doing. And though most other Atlantean magicians would have broke the connection at this point out of surprise or confusion, this mage still possessed some of the habits that existed in an earlier ages of Atlantis. Teachers at that time had taught the means for attaining an enlightened mind. Asor possessed a few of these methods. He knew how to put aside the person he is to become something he is not—in fact, how to become completely empty, without form or content in his consciousness.

He knew the trick of high caliber contemplation—you become the thing you are observing without in any way referring back to yourself. And this he did almost to perfection. He became the mermaid, the sea, the sky above, the moon, the stars, the waves, the wind, and the song she was singing.

After returning to his room from these observations, Asor sought for the words to describe his experience. This was an automatic response on his part. It was well known among mages at the time that if you do not put into words or fashion images for what appears just beyond the edge of sensory perception, the wonder observed is lost. Though the observer returns to his world, he fails to bring back the treasure he has found. This is because at the edge of the senses is infinity and those who make this journey into the unknown cross over an abyss that protects the mysteries.

And these are the very words Asor used to describe what had entered his consciousness: This mermaid is the moon in the form of a woman. She is the fabric of space and time, a stillness and a peace that binds the vibrations and the astral plane of the moon to the earth and to the sea.

She is the voice of a dream being dreamed by the earth and the moon seeking to work together to create beauty. She creates harmony. She is one of the great songs that the sea sings at night. And for those who can hear she is that muse who answers for any civilization on earth the question, What is missing from life? No wonder she is the one who appears in response to my search.

Asor then went for a long walk. He was charged with nervous energy as you might imagine. Not uncomfortable or irritated. He was not unnerved. It was more like a puzzle for him now, how to frame the right question. He reviewed as he walked across bridges and alongside canals the entire range of his memories of this life and of others.

He sat at a table beside a fountain sipping a drink that was common in Atlantis. Coffee had not yet been discovered so there was no Starbucks and so no lattes. But they had a drink similar to what is known in present day India. These days it is called a lassi and his was made of yogurt and mango with a hint of chocolate and cinnamon. And there was one more ingredient, a fermented herb we have not yet discovered. It tastes like mead but has the effect of making you feel as if you have just awoke within a dream.

And this is when and where sitting there so casually he made his mistake. He took the civilization of Atlantis as his reference point rather than the earth itself and the greater universe. This is not so hard to understand. We see it happening all the time. For the typical alpha male, to sustain his level of performance and his movement toward his goals, he maintains a special support system. In his mind, you must seize whatever is required in order to succeed.

Add to this alpha male profile the powers of a mage and you develop a magically enhanced support system. No fault or blame rises at this point. A skillful leader does not need to resort to coercion or blackmail, intimidation or force in order to gain others’ support.

Rather, he stages or sets up situations and events so that another discovers by himself that his best course of action just happens to be the very thing the alpha male wants from him. Technically speaking, this is not manipulation. It is the art of personnel management. It is persuasion and charisma in the right proportion so as to inspire others to sacrifice for the greater good, or in this case, to fulfill the will of a man who has complete command of himself.

But how do you manage a wonder of the earth? How do you arrange for the sacred to offer loyalty and support? At first glance the very idea sounds profane. But mages do this all the time. They splice together dreams of what shall be, uniting them to power and imagery so that they inevitably become reality. A mage who has any divine connection at all will tell you that everything about the future is negotiable. You just have to find what is required for a trade to be made.

But as we know so well in our own time, some individuals in powerful leadership positions such as corporate CEOs often think to themselves, “Because I can reach out my hand and take what lies in front of me, it must be the right thing for me to do this.” Because they see themselves as the center of responsibility, they assume there is no higher law to be acknowledged.

Asor was simply doing what human beings do so well: solving the problem in front of him and getting on with his life in the best way he knew how. Though the next part of this story may seem outlandish and tax the imagination, I assure you that it is no more difficult than mastering algebra or calculus. It is just that the religions of our world do not teach it. If they did, nearly everyone with any skill could accomplish at least the first few steps of this process.

Asor decided to form a relationship with this mermaid in order to gain her trust and support. The rules in this regard are fairly simple. When contacting beings from another realm of nature, you must take on the vibration and form of the elementals that you wish to speak with.

Asor assumed the form of a merman. He filled the inside of his imagined body with the vibration of water. And then he transferred himself in this form into close proximity to the mermaid.

She was not always so serious about joining the beauty of the earth and moon in her consciousness. Like many mermaids, she played in the sea in a group of three. She leaped above the waves and laughed as she fell with a splash. She dove and rose, freely exploring reefs and caves.

The mage, now merman, waited patiently to encounter her when she was alone. Yet knowing how much mermaids love attractive energy, he changed the vibration of his aura so that like a powerful magnet it matched and enhanced her own energy. Without uttering a word, she felt in his presence her entire body being overcome with passion.

What is passion for a mermaid? For some it is the sight of great waves smashing against a granite cliff—the spray thicker than rain falling down. It is the roar of waves breaking on a lonely beach where water throws itself forward onto the sand and then returns as an undertow sliding down into the depths. It is the colors of blue, green, and white in countless shades taking form in endless ways in icebergs drifting free from their glacial moorings. Passion is need dancing with freedom in which every desire explodes in delight and reaches a new height as it attains completion.

To put it another way, to give voice to what she felt:

At first it seemed like entering a dream
He was me in another form
It was not his words I heard
Nor his eyes, his smile
It was what he was inside
I felt the tides rise
The sea whispering to me
This is the one
With whom you can celebrate love.
I felt the moon rise
I became a riptide
A whirlpool, a tsunami, a flashflood,
What is love when it is out of control
And only another
Can restore peace and calm to your soul?

Though in her meditation she was a wonder of the earth, her personal will was no match for an Atlantean mage whose skills included binding another’s soul into a stone of crystal and quartz. It happened like this. She fell in love with the merman. She trusted him and was in awe of his power. And she felt that the connection was one of those special things that only occur once or twice in five hundred or a thousand years. He then persuaded her based on their shared love to return with him to his human realm.

She would enter the body of a woman at first for an hour. And then occasionally longer. She felt safe because love created a path between the realms of undine and mankind.

But he wanted more. He wanted her with him permanently. And so, before she understood what had happened, he enchanted her magically so that the water that composes a mermaid’s soul was joined to the other human elements of air, earth, fire, and akasha.

He did this so that she could not return to her own realm. He did this because it was within his power. It was no more difficult for him than for someone to solve a problem in advanced calculus such as plotting the return of a comet or predicting the path of star light as it bends in the gravity well of the sun.

He did it because it enhanced his performance as an alpha mage, to have beauty such as this by his side. He did it because she filled in for what was missing from his civilization. He did it so that now he could return to his studies on controlling matter without feeling any residual tension in his brain. Why all he had to do was gaze upon her and he felt release and peace anointing him. He did it because it made perfect sense to him to spend some time with a woman, once mermaid, whose soul embodies a love so magnificent human women have never felt its presence.

With her in his room, he could let go and be nothing at all and still feel that beauty and harmony, sensuality and serenity had become a part of his own nature. Like I say, an alpha male tends to seize what he needs in order to insure the success of his ventures. And this was one treasure that immensely enhanced the treasure trove of a mage who possessed an insider’s knowledge of the mysteries.

What happened to the soul of the woman whose body the mermaid had entered? The original woman’s soul slowly faded away until only the mermaid remained. The mermaid had no say in what was happening.

But how did she feel about all of this? At first she had felt genuine love for the mage. But when she realized what had been done to her she was appalled. She, a creature so adept at feeling and empathy, had been tricked. Love had been betrayed. It was grievous because of what he had done to her and doubly so because she had failed to sense his true self.

But far worse than being tricked, deceived, and betrayed, she had been given a human soul against her will. The legality governing such procedures is very clear. A mage may proceed but only if he has the permission of Divine Providence to grant a human soul to an elemental being. That is, he must have a purpose that encompasses the ages and is acceptable to both realms.

Asor had no such purpose. No divine permission had been granted. And to be perfectly clear, this was not a case where a mistake eventually leads to some greater good. Rather, to give a simple example, it is like walking out into your garage and unscrewing one of the fuses in the electrical box for the house. The lights in a room go out because the energy is no longer flowing.

The beauty in the soul of the earth and the moon lost a degree of its sparkle and life. The magnificence of nature on our entire planet was diminished. The wonder of water and its divine sensuality was reduced in a significant amount.

As if this was not enough, the mage also desired to carry with him into death, that is, onto the astral plane, the soul of the undine. As some Taoists magicians now on earth still practice, he wished to maintain his consciousness after death so that he had the full awareness and same powers that he had here on earth. To do this he captured her soul and bound it into a crystal ball. And though the crystal ball was material, he only needed to take the astral image of the ball with him to accomplish his purposes. As many of those who practice magic know, everything physical in our world can be intensified, mummified so to speak, so that a more refined or subtle vibration of it is transferred intact to the Other Side.

For the undine, it felt exactly like this: her soul was bound in a cage. She was mentally restricted. Her undine memories were blocked. She could no longer sing with her voice of wonder. She could no longer reflect through herself the beauty of the sky and earth and sea. Part of herself was ripped from out of her and taken by the mage to the astral plane.

And so for these many long ages and eons, she has been forced to reincarnate as a human being. But in her heart of hearts she knows in every life time regardless of who she may be that no purpose exists for her here on earth among human beings. She was designed and commissioned to be within and to express the mysterious beauty of the sea.

In context, to be honest and fair, I have to tell you this was not the first or the last time that the human race has committed serious violations against the laws of the universe. This in itself did not cause the end of Atlantis as a judgment rendered in order to restore the balance. But it certainly did not help that civilization. Inevitably, you could say indirectly, actions by this mage when added to others later on lead to the continent sinking and the complete destruction of that advanced civilization.

The Curse

The undine queens had no need to make a complaint. Those who watch over the purposes for which this planet has been created, the Guardians, noticed Asor’s actions. In order to prevent further abuse, they issued a judgment and a geas. They pronounced a magical command that binds all of mankind and still remains fully in effect including into our own time.

Access to the realm of undines is henceforth prohibited by mankind except in extraordinary circumstances and on a case by case basis. All world teaches are forbidden to offer to mankind the undines’ gifts in regard to pleasure and bliss, ecstasy and rapture, the power of beauty—its pure, uninhibited sensuality, the magic of empathy, and the secrets of love in regard to direct, heart to heart and soul to soul inner union. To put it simply, love on the astral plane in its wonder and power may not be shared with mankind, taught, or offered In order to enforce this rule, a large body of monsters were created. These are not physical beings. Rather, they are astral beings who appear within the dreams and just beneath the conscious imagination of human beings. They are sirens, krakens, gorgons, leviathans, medusas, and all manner of terrors whose presence stops the mind from thinking. You could say they are and remain part of our collective unconsciousness, an invisible, unnamed archetype, or, as Freud more accurately described, as “monsters of the Id.”

It is like this. Whenever an individual begins to consider or accidently stumble upon a path leading to the realm of undines, the monsters appear within that individual’s brain waves. And without a thought appearing in the mind, the sense of something too horrible to behold turns the individual’s thoughts into some other direction.

And so, as I have mentioned and describe before, the human race has been bound for these long ages and eons from even thinking about much less pronouncing the names aloud of the queens of the undines. When I examine the entire body of literature on our planet about mermaids and undines, it is absolutely astonishing to me that so little material is presented that has any value. In many cases, what exists in literature and mythology is disinformation. The stories presented lead not toward but away from the realm of undines by offering illusions, false paths, and misinformation.

But you do not have to take my word when it comes to this curse. Everyone can make their own observations and draw their own conclusions. Here is the simple exercise, a litmus test so to speak for observing these things first hand for your self.

To overcome the curse all you need to do to get past the guardians is to feel three things at once: be the purity of the stars at night—that clear and open and shining bright. Be flowing like water in a stream—moving freely turning and yielding, receptive and giving as if innocence has been turned into a dream; And finally feel that love is everywhere—it is in the air, the water, the sea, the sky, light itself is love’s expression, breathing air is love’s embrace.

Now then, imagine there are two of you who love with a love embodying these three things—purity, flowing water, and being a part of and within a sea of love. Take a few moments to imagine and then to feel what this would be like.

Now simply ask your self, Have I ever seen or experienced this love? Some have. I have met people who feel and live within this love every moment of every day.

But if not, answer these questions, Is not the sea available for all to see? Have you never floated in water and simply let go, feeling total release? And have you not seen the stars at night and felt they are a reflection of your own mind, its depth and its strength? Have you never seen the water in a stream flowing free, curling and turning, yielding, and embracing? Have you never felt you are a stream in its entirety, moving with that grace and beauty? Perhaps you have or perhaps you have not.

But now we come to the crux of the matter, the great question that defines whether or not there is a curse upon our entire civilization for at least the last ten thousand years: Ask yourself, if you have not experienced this kind of love, then why have not the religions of the earth with their wise men and with all their spiritual illumination simply taught what is so profoundly obvious, so clear it is simply impossible to miss when you gaze at the sky at night, at the sea, and the stream flowing free? It is right in front of us. Like I say, it is impossible to miss and yet almost everyone on earth misses sensing and feeling these things.

And there you have it. A demonstration of an immense curse Divine Providence itself has placed upon all traditions and spiritual teachers for ten thousand years of our civilization.

And yet each individual remains completely free to pass by the Guardians through simple meditation. Just image you are pure as the stars at night. You do not have to be the stars. Just briefly feel that their purity and clarity are part of your self. This is not algebra. This is the A, B, C’s of meditation, kindergarten. Imagine that all that exists within your awareness are the sensations and feelings of flowing water. And finally imagine and sense that love is within you and everywhere around you.

And now the guardians of the curse who have been commanded to stop human beings from encountering undines will not even give you a second glance. If you have no ego, then the curse has no power over you. And you are now free to feel the souls of undines flow through your own even as you are free to join your soul to any other person you may choose to love—it is an inner connection like water turned into love flowing through you freely.

And what of the mermaid forced against her will to become a human being? I put the question to her, “Would you even now return to being a mermaid if given the choice?” And he reply? “Yes, she said, “without hesitation. As a mermaid I dwelt in a realm of bliss and pure delight. For me, human beings are not yet fully alive. There is a part of their souls that is dead. It is hard to explain, but they have a denser, weaker vibration. When I awake on the astral plane each night, even though I have not yet reacquired my mermaid soul, the perceptions I have are a thousand time more intense and satisfying than when I am awake in the form of a human being.”

But she also agrees that if the right purpose could be found, she would remain among humanity even considering the sacrifice. That is, assuming she could continue to perform the original task assigned to her when she was a mermaid.


The mermaid woman and I practiced the cosmic letter formula of E-M which is specifically designed to create mermaid consciousness. This action along with a brief interaction with the queens of the undines restored the part of her soul that had been trapped in the crystal ball. She is now free of the mental cage that the mage once placed her within.

Will she choose to return to the realm of mermaids and undo the harm that was done when her soul was bound to other elements not her own?We consulted with one of the undine queens in regard to her situation.

The queen said to the woman, “What was done can be undone. But you are asking the wrong question. It does not matter in what spiritual realm or form you exist. It is only important that you feel free wherever you are. With a slight shift in focus, you can enter any realm you desire. You can experience its wonders and engage in spiritual activities and then return again to wherever you may be.

“There are undines that have crossed over not just shape shifting but actually turning into human beings. They do not experience loss or limitation during this process. The undine within them remains fully alive and active. They have just added to what they already are new abilities and aptitudes.

“And as you know, one of the three mermaids with whom you once played was originally a human who has now returned to humanity and lives as a woman. She is in no way harmed by her journey and sojourn in my realm. The divine has set before her a course in life that shall traverse many realms and serve many purposes.”

And so this story has been told of how a mermaid many eons ago was forced against her will to acquire a human soul. But this action was performed at a great cost to the human race. The curse upon us still remains but it is a curse that can be overcome. One final thing remains to be said.

The woman even now is reintegrating into herself her undine soul that was taken from her. And as that soul awakens it has a message for mankind, for as you recall, one of the undine’s commissions was to point out what is missing from any civilization.

And this is her message. “Unless the human race develops within itself a knowledge of the spiritual worlds commensurate with its knowledge of science and technology in the outer world, it will encounter chaos. The soul of humanity will be like a piece of paper torn into four pieces and then cast into the wind.

“It is no longer permissible for the religions and spiritual traditions of the earth to be so selfish and narrow-minded. If they would be wise, their wisdom must encompass the entire earth. They must offer methods of self transformation for everyone without asking for anything in return. The sky, earth, and sea are freely given. And beauty is itself a path of divinity; it is the foundation of harmony.”

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